Trolltunga winter/spring

News for the 2015 season!

In the month of april and may, Trolltunga Active arrange hikes to Trolltunga on skis or snowshoes.

The hike starts in Skjeggedal, and you'll follow the path by foot to Topp. From Topp we switch to skis or snowshoes. On skis, up the mountain side to Gryteskar where we get a spectacular view towards the Folgefonna glacier. The trip continues towards Tyssebotn and Trolltunga.

The hike ends at Trolltunga. At the moment one of top nautre attractions, with a stunning view of the Ringedal lake and the Folgefonna glacier. Plus, it should add some butterflies to your tummy.

You tube movie Trolltunga on skies

Practical information

If you're in normal good shape and over 15 years of age, Trolltunga Active would like to invite you on this trip.

Please bring normal hiking clothes/shoes and lunch.

Duration: 8-10 hours, starts at 08.30

Price per person: 1000 NOK

Rent of skis 300 NOK, snowshoes 200 nok.

Minimum 4 people. Please book one day in advance.

Here is what to bring:

on your body:

wool socks and woolen thermals.

windjacket/pants recommended goretex

running gloves


wintershoes. if renting skis, we have shoes for the skis.

sunglasses and sunscreen (the sun takes much more when you walk on snow compared to by the water)

A 40 liter backpack with:

beanie/hat that covers your ears

warm gloves/mittens

dry wool socks

extra warm clothes. (the reason we use wool, is because it continues to keep you warm after you get wet)

food for 8-10 hours

1.5 liter water/drink

some snacks/chocolate

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